Bluetooth GamePad - 3-in-1

Product Code: ST-GP-BT-A-3-1-B
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Price: Rs. 2,500
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Product Description

  1. Ergonomic design, for comfortable playing         
  2. Compatible with bluetooth 4.0, stable transport. Max distance up to 10M           
  3. Compatible with 3.0 and above android system on tablet PC's, Smartphones & Android Set-top-Boxes          
  4. Compatiable with IOS sytem           
  5. Gamepad has 3 modes: Gamepad , Mouse, ICADE.
  6. The ICADE mode only support IOS platform.
  7. 3 ways button for choosing the right MODE, changing mode does not interrupt connection.           
  8. The buttons conclud UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,A(х),B(О),X(□),Y(Δ),L1,R1,L3,R3,SELECT,START,MENU,Two analog buttons (L2,R2)and 2 3D analog sticks  
  9. 4 LED lights: Gamepad mode,Mouse mode,ICADE mode,Charge           
  10. Left 3D joystick function           
  11. Slip-proof handle design           
  12. No need for drivers and software to support, just plug and play
  13. Built-in 400mA rechargeble li-battery to support power          

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